Hyperion, 2024

UV Print on calque paper, steel.
270 x 332 x 130 cm

The project’s name derives from the greek titan Hyperion, father to Helios (the sun), Eos (the dawn) and Selene (the Moon),  who is the source of one of saturn’s deformed moon’s name.
The first part of Hyperion is based on two bone structures - a decomposed human skull and a skeletal structure of a conjoined twin bird connected through their cheek. The photographs of the two structures were eventually transformed into two works through a computerised process. The contours of each bone fragment were traced into fragmented shapes, then rearranged into collages, intentionally distorting every crack and fracture to create the two images. Finally, these compositions were printed onto drafting paper. Through this technological metamorphosis, the imagery transcends its original context. The original structure of bones accelerates towards a poetic space, resembling a structural pattern reminiscent of a flower or wing.

Installation view, 
Hyperion, The New Gallery Artists’ Studios Teddy, Jerusalem, 2024
Photo: Hadas Hay

Hyperion, 2024.
UV print, on calque paper, steel. 
220 x 320 cm (270 x 332 cm).

Hyperion, 2024.
Photoplotter laser film, calque paper.
100 x 75 cm