Split, 2021

Single-channel video for projection,
Loop, no sound, 22:56 min.

Installation view,
Split, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2022

At the lowest point of the Bezalel Academy’s building, in an underground room, the video installation presents a trans-state of consciousness in which the possibility of perceiving time and space is negated. The viewer fails to grasp the image, as perception lags behind the definition of form. The film is simultaneously projected in reverse, and the horse splits and mates with itself as part of a dance. The image flickers between the opposing movements in a gesture that superimposes doubling and voiding, revealing and hiding. The flickering projection deceives the viewer’s sense of time, space, and sight. The split is transmitted to the viewer while the sensory precedes the conceptual. Consequently, the body remains frozen as if in a bunker or torture cellar, hanging on a string stretched between two small, heavy oil paintings on the side walls.