Shomer Saf/Gatekeeper
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2022

Shomer Saf/Gatekeeper consists of three large-scale screen prints on polyester mesh, hung within aluminum gates and moving with the slightest, imperceptible wind, and a small, heavy aluminum print mounted on wood. Two pairs of sewing scissors mimic the shape of a cross or an angle, guarding a printed photograph of a face covered with velvet placed at the center of the installation. The scanned images are printed, scanned again, and enlarged through the screen-print process. They are blown up to reveal the “dots” of the printer’s color separations, thus revealing its fragile, liminal state. The aluminum print, the anchor of the installation, is based on a computer screen glitch, showing the malfunction through its cross-shaped pixels. A Rorschach-looking, deformed figure emerges.